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Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Care

An environmentally friendly approach to plant health care that promotes a deeper, healthier root system while giving each plant the ability to maximize water and nutrient intake. A stronger, healthier plant will fend off disease and insect activity and allow your plant to reach its full potential.

Round 1 - Dormant Oil: (March - April) This liquid application is applied to the plant during a dormant phase to eliminate any existing insect eggs or mites that have overwintered and may cause harm to your plant when the weather warms, and the insects become active or hatch

Round 2 - Fertilizer Application with Organic Compounds: (April - May) This liquid application is designed to promote heathier and deeper roots along with a stronger leaf builder.

Rounds 3, 4, & 5 - Soil Conditioner with Organic Compounds: (May - August) This liquid application helps condition the soil to aid the plant in water and nutrient intake efficiently during summer months.

Round 6 - Fertilizer Application: (September - October) This liquid application is applied directly to the root system making it readily available for the plant to utilize.

Round 7 - Organic Granular Fertilizer: (October- November) This application is applied around the base of the plants to help fall growth. This is designed to feed the plant enough nutrients to last through the winter months.

Round 8 - Dormant Oil: (November-December) This liquid application is applied to the plant prior to dormancy to deter any insects from laying eggs and eliminate any eggs that have already been laid on the plant.

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