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Grass Cutting/
Weekly Maintenance

     Weekly cutting is another important part in the success of your lawn. If you have a newly sodded lawn it should be cut 10-14 days (weather permitting) after installation using a walk behind mower with a bagger. You want the root system to begin to establish and “grab hold” before you run a mower over it. You also don’t want to wait more than 14 days to cut it or it can cause problems as a result of length of grass blade, temperature and moisture. After the initial cut your lawn should be cut every 7 days as weather allows.

     We cut all lawns between 2 ½ -3 inches in length with the clippings bagged and taken away. You want a lawn to be 2 ½ – 3 inches in length for most of the season because the longer the blade the more water it retains. Too short of a lawn can lead to burn spots and disease/fungus. All borders are edged and weed wacked properly. Property is then cleaned neatly upon completion.

     All our machines and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and treated so we do not transfer weeds and or disease from one lawn to another. Blades are sharpened daily for a nice, crisp cut without damaging the lawn. We offer weekly or bi-monthly cuttings with monthly billing for both commercial and residential properties.